Journey Motives

Life is a journey, and it's entirely up to you how it will end. On this channel, I'm going to travel and experience new things alone and with other people. It may be even you! Would you like to visit frozen lands, impassible rainforests, and islands with no people to admire them?

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Daniel Waleczek, creator of Game Motives YouTube channel

About me

Me? There is not much to say. Most people think I'm weird and crazy. I stopped to care, and instead, I put the energy on chasing dreams. My most important fantasy? To fly to the Moon. And then living is more peaceful when you have hopes that big.

Game Motives

Games are great stories. Why not use game engines to create nice-looking movies? It's only for entertainment, but wouldn't you want to see "games in real life" too? We could even record voices for our favorite characters that were never made.

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